About Us

The Penny Royal range is timeless and is worn by a woman that is looking for unique items for that special occasion or pieces that will sit well within her wardrobe. Penny Royal was launched in 2011 focussing on catering for the women of Zululand in the extreme heat of its summers. The brand has now grown to cater to the markets of Kwa-Zulu Natal and South Africa. Penny Grant-Mann; the senior designer and creator of the Penny Royal brand ensures that her discerning clients only get garments of the highest quality. She believes that her brand weaves its own fashion statement into the grooves and beats of Zululand with its effervescent colours, contrasting textures and dramatic living. Penny Royal is classical, smart yet comfortable to wear. Together with Mrs Nomsa Dawood of Mtubatuba, the head seamstress, Miss Grant Mann places great emphasis on attention to detail. Penny Royal is stocked at exclusive outlets across KwaZulu-Natal with the range’s bespoke nestled in the sugar cane fields of Matambo Farm, Maposa where Penny was born, raised and now lives.

The logo for the fashion range is a pink rabbit, and just as the rabbit hides and then coyly pounces from the shadows of a Zululand garden, the Penny Royal brand speaks to you of the nostalgia that is Penny's Zululand and the beauty of fashion becoming art. Of her logo, says Miss Grant Mann; “It symbolises my childhood and life on the farm and my returning home”.

2014 saw Miss Grant Mann short-listed with a number of designers and chosen to showcase her line at a Durban July networking event with the main feature being the fashion show. The theme for the 2014 Durban July was "Hollywood" and the theme for the event was Glamour; so Penny picked the Great Gatsby theme for her designs. She said; “The Gatsby era is one of the most lavish, glamorous, and opulent times for fashion. Gatsby married the two themes, that of Hollywood and Glamour beautifully, I couldn’t wait to get hold of all that faux fur, feather and glitz. What I loved the most about the theme is that there is almost no limit to the creativity when it comes to designing these garments. I went for the drop waist in most of my designs, cropped faux fur jackets, faux fur shawls, feathers and crystal trimmings and accessories which are all typical of that era.”

What Penny says about her “Glamour ’14 Line”; “I am very excited for this year’s Networking event leading up to the July as I will be showcasing the first of my glamour range for the Penny Royal brand. In the past I have focused on classical but smart day wear so this will be a great addition to the range.”